The Natuzzi Group recently announced a business plan aimed at restoring its profitability levels and creating the basis for growth.

While on the one hand the plan's strategic guidelines envisage the alignment of the current operating structure to real market needs, on the other, these are focused strongly on stimulating a return to competitiveness, with significant investments in product and process innovations, in marketing and communication and in the development of Natuzzi Italia points of sale throughout the world.

More specifically, the plan is broken down into three key areas:

• Rationalising resources and some facilities in Italy

• Strengthening investments in the product area (entry into new market segments and the development of innovative products)

• Focusing on research and development, in order to maintain a high level of product visibility, based on a mix between the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship and avant garde solutions.

The strategic approach of the entire plan is a long‐term vision that aims to consolidate the company's role and international credibility.

Thanks to the solid capitalisation undertaken and maintained by the founder and chairman Pasquale Natuzzi, the company is set to invest up to €190m over the five‐year period from 2014‐2018, a figure that will allow Natuzzi Group to address the sensitive recessionary period which certain markets are experiencing.

Pasquale says: “I am confident that the measures we have adopted will allow us to take an increasingly stable and competitive position in the market. We offer an extraordinary product that is appreciated throughout the world, and this is our principle asset. The Natuzzi Group will therefore continue to protect the know‐how it has acquired over decades of experience, never foregoing the creativity, quality and global approach to markets that have always stood as crucial points of reference for us.”