Wholesale furniture distributors from more than 50 countries will visit Poznan, Poland in March to take part in Meble Polska. The event is the largest presentation of the Polish furniture sector, and eight years after transforming Meble Polska into a business event, it is one of the most important shows for the European furniture sector.

Next year’s edition of Meble Polska will again see a record number of exhibitors – among these all key Polish manufacturers of upholstered and cabinet furniture. In addition to value-end furniture, the fair will also offer furniture made of solid wood, as well as other premium materials. The exhibition will be complemented by a wide range of mattresses – an area where Poland is a world-leading manufacturer. 

Meble Polska will be complemented by Home Decor Interior Fair, with a similar contract profile, and arenaDESIGN, an event dedicated to industrial design which features lectures by world-class design stars. The fair will be an opportunity to get familiar with a total of about 500 companies and brands.

Furniture buyers from the UK constitute the second largest group of foreign visitors at Meble Polska, following Germany, making up almost 10% of the fair visitors. Every third visitor to Meble Polska comes from abroad. This year the fair will mark the first visits of traders from Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, Kosovo, India, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Mauritius and Peru.

“From our perspective, it is extremely important that the scope of visitors to Meble Polska gets expanded with merchants from new markets. Thanks to this, completely new perspectives of export development are opening up in front of our exhibitors,” says manager of Meble Polska, Józef Szyszka. 

“Many visitors come to Poznan to look for alternatives to furniture from the Far East. Polish manufacturers guarantee excellent quality and enormous flexibility of production and supply. Given current trends in sales which focus on providing customers with custom-made furniture, this is a huge advantage over expensive and long-term deliveries from Asian countries.” 

As a source of supply, Poland is appreciated even by merchants from very distant markets. “We have heard a lot about Poland, so this year we decided to come here and see the offers ourselves. I was surprised by such a great variety,” says Mousheerl Maharaullee from TFP International, a chain which sells imported furniture in Mauritius and Australia. In his opinion, customers associate furniture produced in Poland with high quality.

Furniture buyers and professionals are free to enter the fair upon registration on the event’s website.